Emma and Mike’s wedding was just perfect. It was probably one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to in my life and I loved every moment of it. They are now in Singapore and enjoying exploring their new world. I miss them, but am so excited about their adventures.

I made colorful wine bottle vases for them for centerpieces and entered them into a contest, and guess what? I got second place! See my entry here.


No, it’s not ours, but my baby sister is getting married on March 27 before she and her husband move to Singapore! I am so excited for them and it’s so fun that our family and friends are all coming together to throw them a special day. They are blessed with such wonderful friends…one who got them the venue where they will be getting married and having the reception. A gorgeous ranch out in Seguin. I will making her wine bottle vases…spray painted many different bright colors. She wants gerber daisies in all different colors and some blue hydrangea and an orange and blue bouquet. I went to buy some flowers to practice a bouquet for her, and it turned out really¬†great if I do say so myself!

Now I’m wondering if I should make all the bouquets for my wedding…but I think 6 bouquets would be too much to do!

I have entered every wedding contest I possibly can. I read several different wedding blogs for inspiration and ideas and they are always holding contests and guess what…I finally won! Ryan and I won a beautiful ring bearer bowl fromPaloma’s Nest, which is actually based here in Austin. While we’re not having a ring bearer, the bowl will be great for some close up ring shots and to put our rings in when we take them off at home.

Ryan and I have known each other since high school. We were in band together and even dated a bit in high school and after. We met back up again when we both were back in Austin, me working at an advertising agency and him returning from a five year tour with his band. The rest is history!

We got engaged on November 21, 2008. We originally set our wedding date for May 1, 2010, but after Ryan was laid off, we decided to push it back so we wouldn’t be so stressed about spending the money on a wedding and I’m so glad we did. We have a lot of stuff figured out already so that gives us time to just enjoy the next year without getting too stressed.